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Winegrowing in New Zealand

New ZealandNew Zealand is a land like no other and our wine is a reflection of our unique climate and commitment to sustainable wine production. Our unique combination of soil, climate and water, our innovative pioneering spirit and our commitment to quality, all come together to deliver pure, intense and diverse wines brimming with flavour. 

Within a relatively short time, New Zealand wines have acquired a reputation that is the envy of much larger wine producing countries. International critics rate New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc as the world’s best, and the growing acclaim for New Zealand Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Riesling is helping to further secure New Zealand’s position as a producer of premium wines.

New Zealand’s wine growing regions are found between latitudes of 34 – 47° and cover a distance of 1,600 kms (1,000 miles) from the most northern to most southern vineyards. Grapes are grown in a wide range of local climatic conditions and soil types, so highly distinctive regional flavours have emerged.

As a nation of islands, New Zealand benefits from our maritime climate with cooling sea breezes. New Zealand also enjoys long, dry autumns, which allow slow ripening – our grapes develop intensity as well as good acid structure. This balance between fruit and acidity is one of the key differentiators of New Zealand wine, and an important reason for why they work so well with food.